Delhi: April is so hot for the second time in 72 years

Delhi: April is so hot for the second time in 72 years

For the past few weeks, heatwaves and scorching heat have made common people miserable in large parts of the country. The mercury has crossed 45 degrees in many places. Due to the scorching sun and scorching heat, people are in bad condition. In the afternoon one feels like swallowing hot steam from the road. In the afternoon, the streets of the city are deserted. The temperature in the country’s capital Delhi is increasing day by day.

According to the Meteorological Department, the average monthly maximum temperature of Delhi was 40.2 degree Celsius. The month of April recorded the second-highest temperature in 72 years in the country’s capital. Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 43.5 degree Celsius on April 28 and April 29. Prior to this, Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 45.6 °C on 29 April 1941. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has given some suggestions to avoid heatstroke.

The Ministry of Health has issued a complete list for what to do and what not to do during heatstroke. Stay indoors and in a shady place. Use a hat/towel or umbrella when going out. Wear thin loose cotton and light-colored clothes. Keep drinking water, lassi, lemonade ORS frequently.

Eat watery fruits like watermelon, cucumber, or orange, keep the room temperature low, use window shades/curtains, cooler-AC, use indoor plants, etc.

Elderly persons, children and women, if they are feeling unwell, the first thing to do is to take them to a cool place, wear minimal clothes, sponge with cold water, and take them to the nearest health care center.

what not to do

Do not go out in the sun, especially between noon to 3 pm. Avoid doing strenuous work when you are out in the afternoon. Do not consume alcohol, tea, coffee etc. Do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles. Do not wear tight synthetic clothes of dark colour.

Apart from Delhi, many parts of the country are witnessing scorching heat. The Meteorological Department has issued an ‘Orange’ alert warning of severe heat wave in many parts of Delhi.

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